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Restricted Area Trek

Few areas in Nepal are stringently restricted for tourist to save from harm natural beauty, culture and environment. Restricted Area TrekMany treks recommended in maps might be located in restricted area in those areas and you must get special permit, which can be arranged our company Splendid High Adventure Pvt. Ltd. When you plan trek in such areas make sure you complete the entire necessity. These areas are opened for tourist since October 1991.These restricted areas are not allowed to trek alone for tourist so you should be at least 2 people in the group. Trekking permit will not be issued to individual trekkers for such areas. If you are alone or you donít find the other friends, in this condition Splendid High Adventure will help to find other traveler who are going to same areas for you.

Terkking / Tours Related to Restricted Area along with Detailed Itenary Follows

Poular Trekking Routes of This Region

Lower Dolpo

lower dolpa trek picTMystical cultures and rare wildlife, Dolpo situated in Nepal's far west was only recently opened to trekkers. This is where you find the stunning Phoksundo Lake, celebrated as the jewel of Dolpo. The people here trace their origins to Tibet, and their culture is a window of the tradition as practiced on the roof of the world centuries ago.Read More >>

Manaslu Trek

manaslutrekking This area was closed of a long time for foreigners, because of its approximate to the Chinese border. It has recently been for trekking; never the less trekking in the region around Manaslu is a lifetime's experience. The trails are relatively empty of tourists, the culture and traditions of the people are intact, and the scenery is magnificent. Read More >>

Upper Muastang Trek

mustang trekMustang is remote and forbidden until 1991. The trek in to the kingdom of Mustang is an unforgettable experience, lying behind the main mountain in the rain shadow area. Mustang is just out into the plateau, north of Jomsom and Pokhara. In the capital of Mustang Lo-manthang an old walled town, undisturbed and untouchedRead More >>

Upper Dolpo

upper dolpo Dolpo area is protected by Shey Phoksumdo National Park of mid- western Nepal, behind the Upper Dolpo Trek Dhaulagiri massif, towards the Tibetan Plateau. Dolpo remains a truly isolated corner of Nepal: time has stood still here for centuries as the inhabitants of Tibetan stock continue to live, cultivate and trade the wayRead More >>

Narphu Valley Trek

narphu valley trekNar phu valley trekking is opened to the tourist only in 2003 this trek takes you to the remote Nar phu valley inhabited by Nepalese Tibetans. Nar Phu the population about 300 inhabitants who depend on livestock, unlike most Bhotia people, whose trading patterns changed drastically after the Nepali Government closed borders with Tibet, the people of Nar and Phu valley were least affected by this change.Read More >>