Bhutan Trek

The Land of the Thunder Dragon - one of the most sought after travel destinations today. The thunder dragon is a trekker?s paradise and an environmentalist?s dream. With 72 percent of the country under Bhutan Trekorest cover, Bhutan?s pristine ecology is home to rare and endangered flora and fauna. This spiritual land is the last bastion of the Vajrayana school of Mahayana Buddhism which provides the essence of a unique identity for the 750,000 people. Bhutan is a unique blend of the old and new. Here is a country that is slowly opening up to the modern world in a fine balance with its ancient traditions. Those fortunate enough to visit Bhutan describe it as a unique, deeply spiritual and mystical experience. This kingdom is an adventure like no other. Bhutan, the land of the peaceful thunder dragon is known to the world by several names such as the ?the Last Shangri-La? or ?the Last Place on the Roof of the World.? Though the original name from the time of Marco Polo was ?Bootan,? the natives prefer to call their country ?Druk Yul,? or the Land of the Peaceful Thunder Dragon. Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Bhutan offers spectacular mountain views, immense scenic beauty and a unique culture and lifestyle. You can see beautiful Buddhist monasteries, carved wooden houses and the fine crafts of Bhutan, on tours to Bhutan with Tourism in Bhutan.

Trek Related to Bhutan along with Detailed Itenary Follows:-

Poular Trek of Tibet

Bhutan Odyssay Trek

Bhutan Odyssay Trek This trip covers Thimpu-the capital city of Bhutan , Paro, Punakha-the old capital of Bhutan, Wangdiphrodang and Phubjika. Phubjika is the winterhome the rare black-necked cranes that fly over from Tibet . Phubjika has one of the only two Ngimgma monasteries of BhutanRead More >>

Ggangtey Trekking

Ggangtey Trekking This is another short trek, which can be reduced more and is recommended in spring, when rhododendron and magnolia are in full bloom. A moderate trek reaching only at an elevation of 3440 meters /11,290 ft., it is a paradise for nature lovers. Beginning from the glacial valley of Phobjikha at an elevation of .Read More >>

Dagala Thousand Lakes

Dagala Thousand Lakes This is a short trek, near Thimphu, to a large numbers of lovely high altitude lakes. The trek is not difficult and most trekking days is short but there are some long steep climbs. Dagala mountain range divides two prominent valleys of Thimphu and Wangdue, and the highest pass you will cross is 4500 metersRead More >>

Bumthang Cultural Trekking

Bumthang Cultural Trekking his trek is named because, it involves only four days of trek reaching an elevation of 3360 meters / 11,020 ft., and offers an opportunity to visit villages, monasteries, fortresses and temples. The package is designed for those who just wish to have two to three nights of camping with altitudeRead More >>

Gangkar Puensum Trekking

Gangkar Puensum Trekking Gangkar Puensum Treks takes you along, bamboo forest, and the blue pines. Along the way you will see lot of yak herders' campsite, where we can enjoy the tea and yak curd. It demands energy for the stiff walks up hill, and it is very adventurous with lot of sightings, the likes of rare Himalayan Goose.Read More >>