Tibet Expedition

Protected by the vast Himalayan range and a policy of isolation that was enforced by its feudal and theocratic rulers, Tibet remained closed to the outside world for centuries.Tibet Expedition Tibet?s immense windswept plateau, its devout people, its unique, enigmatic Buddhist tradition steeped in magic and mysticism has exerted a strong fascination on the West, manifested by the wondrous tales of a mythical hidden kingdom or Shangri-la which enthralled generations of travellers. Travel to early Tibet required a good deal of courage and luck, and for those hardy, intrepid explorers who ventured into the forbidden realm, Lhasa, its capital, came to symbolize the ultimate prize. The few who succeeded in reaching it came away with tantalizing tales. Tibet?s remoteness, its timeless quality and haunting, magical beauty continues to captivate the imagination of travellers. Mountain Experience endeavours to bring this quality to its trips by creating itineraries that follow ancient pilgrimage routes and visit remote temples, sacred mountains, meditation caves to retrace the footsteps of the early Buddhist saints and masters.

Expeditions Related to Tibet along with Detailed Itenary Follows:-

Poular Tibet Expeditions

Everest 8,848m North Col Expedition

Everest 8,848m North Col Expedition There are no easy routes on Everest but we try to put the odds on our side. We take the North Ridge because we consider it to be the safest. Technically, it is more challenging than the South Side but does not have the ice fall danger. Our Advanced Base Camp (6,400m) is right under the shadow of Changtse and has a view of virtually the whole route. From here we use four moreRead More >>

Cho Oyu Expedition

Cho Oyu Expedition Technically, it is a comparatively safe and easy route which enables climbers with determination but not necessarily a high degree of technical expertise to reach an 8,000m summit. The safety precautions and logistical preparations are, of course, the same as for Everest and the standard of equipment is equally high. This is an ideal opportunity to experienceRead More >>

Shishapangma Expedition

Shishapangma Expedition Shishapangm is one of the lovely mountain of Tibet, which lies in its autonomous region. Only very few people in the world have an idea about the Shishapangma before Chinese opened Tibet to the western summiteers in 1978 A.D. The Tibetans regard it as the holy mountain. It is the youngest among fourteen mountains above 8000m that lies in high Himalayan ranges.Read More >>

Lakpa Ri Expedition in Tibet

SLakpa Ri Expedition in Tibet Lhakpa Ri Mountain is the newly becoming famous expedition in Tibet; and many climbers have been attracted these days to this mountain climbing through Tibet side. It divides the upper east Rombuk and Kharta glacier. It is much closed to Mount Everest and one feels as equal to climbed Mount Everest the moment, one reaches on the top of this mountain..Read More >>